What Is the Main Goal of Wellness Spa Massage?

At A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, the goal of our wellness spa Broken Bow experience is to promote a healthy harmony between the mind and body of each of our clients. A relaxing and thoughtfully customized massage can relieve your mental and physical pain and tension, allowing you to focus on relaxation and peace.

To do this, we provide a unique massage experience through our mobile harmony day spa services. Instead of traveling to a busy spa, we will bring the full massage experience to your cabin in the Broken Bow or Hochatown areas.


Your In-Cabin Harmony Day Spa Experience

Your customized wellness spa massage experience begins when your massage therapist arrives at your cabin. They will create the perfect atmosphere by setting the ideal temperature and playing relaxing spa music. From there, our sturdy and luxurious massage tables allow you to rest comfortably, preparing your body and mind for your massage.

We can create the ideal massage experience for:

  • Therapeutic massages, which provide relief and relaxation to any problem areas or sensibilities.
  • Swedish massages, which are ideal for anyone because they allow you to focus on wellness.
  • Prenatal massages, which help pregnant women safely enjoy the benefits of massage therapy.

You can enjoy therapeutic and Swedish massages during a couples massage. We also offer a variety of add-ons, each of which has a unique way to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. If you are not sure which to enjoy, we have plenty of packages to choose from.


The Benefits of Enjoying a Wellness Spa Massage

Once your massage begins, you will experience the many benefits of enjoying a massage, each of which lasts long after the actual treatment ends. Some of the most significant benefits of massage include:


Stress and Anxiety Relief

When you experience high stress and anxiety levels, your cortisol levels increase, which can have many negative effects (including sleeplessness, headaches, raised blood pressure, and digestive issues). The movements involved in massage can decrease your cortisol levels, which boosts your mood and helps you relax. This stress and anxiety relief can also reduce pain and increase your overall energy.


Relaxed Muscles

Your massage therapist will focus on reducing any pain you experience to promote full-body relaxation. This is done by easing tense muscles and improving your flexibility. The movements and motions used to help your muscles relax also encourage your body to release pain-killing endorphins, which help increase dopamine and serotonin levels. This contributes to even more benefits, including healing, pain management, and calmed nerves.


Improved Circulation

A significant benefit of massage is that it can improve your circulation in the long term. Through specific movements and strategic pressures, your massage therapist encourages a rich supply of fresh blood to move throughout your body. This improved circulation and better blood flow promote healing by restoring muscles. This can also increase your energy, allowing you to focus more on doing the activities that you enjoy


Your Custom In-Cabin Spa Broken Bow

To get the most out of the experience, visiting the right massage therapist is essential. To enjoy your next in-cabin treatment with A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, get in touch. We are ready to help you relax.