What Does a Hot Stone Massage Do to Your Body?

When deciding what to do during your next vacation, consider scheduling a hot stone flawless massage in Broken Bow. During your massage, your massage therapist will use their hands in harmony with heated stones to promote healing throughout your entire body. By placing these stones on any tense or painful areas, your pain, tension, and stress will melt away.


Why Get a Hot Stone Massage OKC?

There are many benefits of getting a hot stone massage OKC. Three of the most prominent benefits are a healthy oxygen flow, reduced pain, and an improved mood.


Promoting a Healthy Oxygen Flow

Hot stone massages promote full-body restoration by creating a healthy blood and oxygen flow. By raising your body’s outside temperature, the hot stones cause your capillaries to dilate. This encourages a healthy blood flow that sends away lactic acid and draws in healing nutrients and rejuvenating oxygen.


Loosening Muscles to Reduce Pain

During your hot stone treatment, your massage therapist will loosen your muscles to reduce spasms and tension. By improving circulation and relaxing muscles, hot stone massages act as an effective natural pain reliever. This style can also increase your range of motion.

All massages help ease pain, and hot stone treatments can be especially healing for people who experience chronic pain issues or deep muscular pain. By loosening your muscles with heated stones, your massage therapist can manipulate deeper muscle tissues while still using relatively light pressure.


Boosting Your Mood

Stress takes a significant toll on your physical and mental health. By alleviating muscle tension and promoting relaxation, hot stone massages naturally and effectively reduce stress and anxiety. For increased mental and physical relaxation, your massage therapist will focus on your pressure points during your hot stone treatment.


Why Do Massage Therapists Use Hot Stones?

Massage therapists use hot stones because they prepare your body for your massage. They will strategically place smooth, heated stones on your pressure points and knotted muscles to loosen up the areas while preparing your mind and body for the rest of your treatment. By placing the stones in this way, your massage therapist begins alleviating pain before they even begin massaging you with their hands.

Before your treatment begins, your massage therapist prepares the stones by setting them to an ideal temperature. They will be warm enough to melt away stress and pain, but never hot enough to cause discomfort or worsen any issues. In addition to the stones, your massage therapist will use movements often utilized in a Swedish massage, such as long strokes, rolling, and kneading.


Experiencing Hands in Harmony with Hot Stones

You do not have to travel to a spa to enjoy a hot stone massage. By scheduling your massage with A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, your experienced and skilled massage therapist will bring the spa to your cabin.


Enjoying Your Flawless Massage in Broken Bow

Hot stone massages are beneficial for nearly anyone. In particular, they are often used to help people who experience pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Additionally, these massages can provide relief from autoimmune disease symptoms.

To schedule an in-cabin hot stone massage during your next Broken Bow vacation, please get in touch.