Why You Should Add Hot Stones to Your Broken Bow Massage

There are many types of Broken Bow massages that you can enjoy during a spa day. Each style involves different movements, pressure levels, and techniques to help you rest and rejuvenate mentally and physically. For an especially peaceful spa experience, consider adding hot stones to your massage!


What to Know About Hot Stone Massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma

What Does This Massage Involve?

Hot stone massages are fairly similar to other styles like Swedish or therapeutic. Throughout the experience, your massage therapist will strategically knead your muscles and manipulate your limbs to ease mental and physical stressors. What makes this style unique are the heated stones involved in the treatment.

Your massage therapist will hold the heated stones throughout the experience, using them to massage you with long strokes, tapping, vibrations, and other techniques. They may also place the hot stones on key parts of your body, such as your spine, stomach, and palms, allowing those areas to absorb heat. This addition can enhance the effect of your massage.


What Types of Stones are Used?

Of course, not just any type of rock is used during a hot stone massage. This spa treatment involves the use of large, smooth, and rounded basalt stones, a type of volcanic rock. Massage therapists use the stones because they can effectively absorb heat and efficiently disperse it.

Before the massage begins, the stones are heated to around 110 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the stones can relax your muscles, dilate your blood vessels, and effectively knead the massage oils into your skin – all without the risk of burning you.


You Should Add Hot Stones to Your Broken Bow Massage Because:

Warmth Helps Calm and Comfort Your Mind

When you soak in a hot tub on a cool evening or wrap yourself in a blanket on a cold winter day, the warmth you experience can help you rest and relax, calming you mentally. During massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma, the hot stones can have the same effect! The feeling of peacefulness you feel during this experience will last after your massage, bringing relief from mental stress or anxiety.


The Extra Heat will Boost Muscle Relaxation

Massage therapists use careful pressure and limb manipulation techniques to relax tight muscles and ease soreness. Hot stones increase the effectiveness of this. By massaging you with the stones and placing them on strategic parts of your body, your massage therapist will loosen your muscles and increase blood flow. As a result, they are able to massage deeper areas without causing pain.


Hot Stone Massages Can Improve Sleep Quality

If you have been struggling with mental stress or physical pain, it has likely had an effect on your quality of rest (which can then intensify the effects of the issues, leading to more sleep trouble). Your massage therapist will help to relieve those stressors while promoting your mind and body harmony in Oklahoma. As a result, it may be easier to fall and stay asleep after your hot stone massage.


Experience Mind and Body Harmony in Oklahoma

If you want to relax and unwind in the Broken Bow area, schedule a relaxing spa day with A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy! Our expert team can treat you to a hot stone massage at our spa in Smithville, or we can travel to you for an in-cabin massage.