Swedish Massage

Despite the myth of a swedish massage being a light touch massage, YOU choose the amount of pressure the therapist uses to receive the perfect remedy, for all that stress-induced tension. Swedish massage eases body and mind into deep relaxation. You’ll fall in love with the many nurturing benefits such as improved circulation, invigorated skin, restored muscles, and a calmed nervous system.

Upon arrival your therapist will stage your area with relaxing spa music, a comfortable temperature, and an atmosphere fit for you, with quality linens on a sturdy yet luxurious massage table. Your therapist will be using a mixture of oils and essential oils (aromatherapy) to promote healing and well-being.

60 Minute   $100.00

90 Minute $150.00  |  120 Minute  $200.00

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* SALON & SPA LOCATION at 28 Crooked Oak Lane Broken Bow, Ok 74728

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