Relieving Back Pain with Hands in Harmony in Oklahoma

If you struggle with back pain, a massage therapist can use their hands in harmony in Oklahoma to help relieve it. As a result of being free from that tension, stiffness, and soreness, you can get back to doing the things you enjoy! To better understand how massages can help with this, it helps to first learn more about back pain.


What to Know About Back Pain

There are various possible causes of back pain. For example, this discomfort could be related to:

  • Poor posture, as this constricts nerves and blood vessels.
  • Improperly lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy loads.
  • Inadequate core strength, as the muscles can not properly support our spine.
  • Your age; back pain becomes more common with age.
  • Your genetics; some back pain-causing disorders are hereditary.
  • High stress and poor sleep, which can increase pain severity and frequency.
  • Sprains, strains, and other mechanical or structural problems around your back.
  • Inflammatory conditions, like ankylosing spondylitis.
  • Other conditions, like osteoporosis or fibromyalgia.
  • Pregnancy, due to hormonal shifts, weight gain, and center of gravity changes.

While you can not easily avoid back pain related to age or hereditary conditions, other potential causes of this discomfort can be avoided. For example, you can help keep your back healthy by:

  • Taking care of your posture. Sit and stand up straight when possible. This will keep your bones and joints in alignment, which reduces stress on your ligaments and helps your muscles work more efficiently.
  • Making sure to lift correctly. To avoid spasms and pain when picking up heavy items, make sure to lift with your leg muscles, not just your back. If something is too heavy to safely lift alone, ask others for their help.
  • Getting in some exercise. This helps in many ways. Daily stretches can release tension in your back. Regularly taking walks can reduce stress and relieve pressure. Core exercises can improve spine strength.

If you are already experiencing back pain, getting massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma can effectively help to relieve it.


How Can a Broken Bow Massage Help?

A massage therapist will use their hands in harmony in Oklahoma to calm your mind and reduce muscle tension. This allows you to experience the many benefits of massage therapy – many of which help to relieve back pain. Those include:

  • Stress management. Back pain is often related to muscle tension, which may be caused by stress. Because massages help relieve stress and reduce that tension, they are able to help ease back pain.
  • Better range of motion. Back pain can decrease your ease of movement. A massage therapist will use limb and muscle manipulation techniques to increase your flexibility and restore your range of motion.
  • Improved mood. Stress, anxiety, and depression may make back pain flare-ups more frequent and severe. A Broken Bow massage can help because it will encourage a release of mood-boosting endorphins.
  • Better circulation. The careful pressure levels used in the massage will encourage a healthy flow of blood to move throughout your body. This can help heal sore and inflamed parts of your back, reducing pain.
  • Future injury prevention. Back pain is often related to injuries like sprains or strains. Because your massage therapist will improve your muscle health and flexibility, it can help you avoid muscle-related injuries.
  • Promoting overall health. Massages can improve your soft tissue health. They can also enhance relaxation, decrease stress, and boost your sleep quality. All of this will help your back – and your overall health.


Choosing Your Ideal Massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma

There are various styles of massages. Your massage therapist may help relieve your back pain with a:


Swedish Massage

Your massage therapist will use gentle movements, strategic pressures, and limb manipulation techniques to release muscle knots and tension. Swedish massages are also known for enhancing relaxation and improving sleep quality. As such, this style is excellent for relieving back pain.


Hot Stone Massage

This type is similar to a Swedish massage, except you will be massaged with carefully heated stones. The stones will also rest on specific parts of your body. Through these actions, your hot stone massage will effectively ease tension in your deeper muscle layers while improving your body’s circulation.


Therapeutic Massage

This style focuses primarily on the soft tissues that move and support your body, specifically your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Therapeutic massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma will reduce stiffness and soreness in these areas, which will relieve pain and tension in your back – and entire body.


Prenatal Massage

If you are experiencing back pain and soreness during pregnancy, this massage can help. Your massage therapist will focus on easing muscle tension and mental stress. Prenatal massages are carefully designed to ensure that they are completely safe and comfortable for you and your baby.


Relax with Our Hands in Harmony in Oklahoma

If you are struggling with back pain, our experienced team of massage therapists is here to help! Whether you visit our spa in Smithville or we travel to your cabin in Southeast Oklahoma, we can relieve that discomfort with a Swedish, hot stone, therapeutic, or prenatal Broken Bow massage. Get in touch to unwind with A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy!