Which Body Harmony Massage Is Best for Body Aches?

If you are dealing with aches and pains, consider scheduling a body harmony massage. During your spa visit, your massage therapist will carefully manipulate your tissues and limbs to reduce pain and tension. Because there are many styles of massage therapy, you may wonder which is best for relieving body aches.


Relieving Aches with Body Harmony Massage

Many styles of massage therapy can promote your mental and physical well-being. If you are looking for things to do in Hochatown or Broken Bow, consider scheduling one of these four styles that are particularly effective at relieving body aches:


1. Swedish Massage

If you are new to massage therapy, are interested in a lighter touch, or want to relieve tension, this may be your ideal style. Your massage therapist will use long strokes, kneading, passive joint movements, and other motions to ease the effects of physical and mental stressors.

The benefits of Swedish massage allow it to act as a natural pain reliever. By carefully moving your joints and muscles, your massage therapist will ease pain and increase flexibility. This style is known for its ability to bring relaxation. Since high stress levels can manifest as physical tension, relieving mental stress with a massage can ease body aches.


2. Therapeutic Massage

If your body aches are due to chronic illness or post-operative healing, this body harmony massage style may be your ideal solution. Of course, it can also help with body aches due to any other causes. During your therapeutic massage, your massage therapist will use careful movements and pressures to manipulate your muscles and release tension.

In addition to relieving aches, your therapeutic massage will help to reduce the risk of future pain. Your massage therapist will thoughtfully move your limbs and joints to increase your range of motion. These movements will also encourage a healthy flow of blood and lymph circulation, promoting overall health.


3. Hot Stone Massage

At A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, we offer hot stone treatments as an add-on for our Swedish and Therapeutic massages because of the healing effect that they can have. During this treatment, your massage therapist will strategically place heated stones on your body. The focused heat of the stones will loosen your muscles, which reduces tension and spasms.

Your massage therapist will also move the stones across your body; this encourages your capillaries to dilate, leading to a boosted flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. By relaxing your muscles and improving circulation, a hot stone massage can act as a natural pain reliever.


4. Prenatal Massage

This style is carefully adapted to fit your needs during pregnancy. Your massage therapist will carefully position you before using the best pressure levels in the right areas. Much of your prenatal massage will focus on relieving tension in your leg muscles, which will help to reduce sciatic nerve pain. Your massage can also ease aches caused by changing body postures and shifting hormones.

During pregnancy, you may also experience painful swelling in and around your joints. Because your prenatal body harmony massage will stimulate your body’s soft tissues, your massage therapist can break up that fluid collection, further easing pain.


Relaxing Things to Do in Hochatown

During your next trip to Hochatown or Broken Bow, give yourself the gift of relaxation by scheduling an in-cabin spa day with A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy. Our massage therapists will travel to you with everything needed to create your ideal spa experience.