When Should You Get a Prenatal Massage Broken Bow?

Adding an in-cabin harmony massage spa experience to your vacation is an excellent way to relieve muscle tension, decrease stress, and improve your overall health. With a prenatal massage Broken Bow, you get all of these benefits and more – including decreased anxiety, reduced symptoms of depression, and relief from the muscle aches and joint pains that come with pregnancy.

When to Get a Prenatal Massage Broken Bow

You can technically begin prenatal massage therapy at any point in your pregnancy. However, many therapists will not offer massages during your first trimester due to the increased risk of miscarriages during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Getting a massage during your first few months of pregnancy could trigger dizziness and contribute to morning sickness. Meeting with your prenatal care provider can help you determine the best time to start prenatal massage treatments. This discussion is especially important if you are experiencing complications, such as morning sickness, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, or preeclampsia. This also applies if you experienced any complications during a previous pregnancy.

What to Look for in a Prenatal Massage Therapist

Going to a certified massage therapist is essential as they will understand the specific precautions to take for a safe prenatal massage. Prenatal massages are thoughtfully and carefully adapted to the anatomical changes that you experience during your pregnancy. Your Servant’s Hands Massage therapist will use various pillows and cushions to provide the perfect amount of comfort and support for you and your baby.

Can You Get a Non-Prenatal Massage While Pregnant?

A prenatal massage is always the best choice. It is essential to let your massage therapist know that you are pregnant so they will know what areas to focus on and avoid. Your therapist will be able to position you correctly to prevent any of your blood vessels from becoming compressed, which would reduce your circulation. This information will allow your therapist to use the correct pressure on your legs, which is essential because pregnant women are more susceptible to blood clots.

Prenatal Oklahoma Day Spa Benefits

Getting a prenatal massage will provide you with all of the benefits you gain from any massage, including stress and anxiety relief and reduced body pain. Some harmony massage spa benefits are especially helpful at this stage.

Reducing Swelling

During your pregnancy, you may experience swelling around your joints, which is called edema. The increased weight of your uterus can lead to reduced circulation and increased pressure on your major blood vessels. Prenatal massages stimulate soft tissues, which reduces the collection of fluid in and around your joints.

Easing Nerve Pain

Many women experience sciatic nerve pain while pregnant. The pressure of the uterus resting on the pelvic floor and lower back muscles can cause tension in the upper and lower leg muscles. This tension can cause swelling and pressure to nearby nerves. By releasing that tension, prenatal massages help reduce your sciatic nerve pain.

Regulating Hormone Levels

Many studies show that massages increase the levels of hormones associated with relaxation and decrease the levels of those associated with stress. This can help your body self-regulate your mood and improve your cardiovascular health.

Your Harmony Massage Spa Experience

Our massage therapists are trained in prenatal massage, so we can provide a relaxing experience while promoting the health and safety of you and your baby. By scheduling an in-cabin massage, you gain all of these benefits while enjoying the relaxing beauty of nature. Get in touch to bring the Oklahoma day spa experience to your cabin vacation.