What Type of Massage Helps Anxiety?

Whether you schedule your own massage or a couples massage OKC, you are sure to enjoy many benefits after this relaxing experience. Your massage can help relieve pain and reduce stress, allowing you to benefit from the harmony between your body and mind. One significant benefit of getting a massage is that it can relieve anxiety.


The Best Massage Broken Bow Styles to Ease Anxiety

Every massage Broken Bow technique has a unique way of easing mental and physical tension or pain. Three massages that are particularly beneficial for relieving anxiety are Swedish, therapeutic, and prenatal massage.


Swedish Massage

For your Swedish massage, your massage therapist will use a combination of movements, including kneading, tapping, and rubbing. In addition to helping with anxiety, the benefits of this massage include muscle restoration, improved circulation, and mind and body harmony.


Therapeutic Massage

In a therapeutic massage, your massage therapist will ease your body and mind by focusing on the soft tissues that support and move your body. This massage promotes relief, relaxation, and restoration by focusing on healing your problem areas.


Prenatal Massage

Many women experience anxiety and stress during pregnancy; a prenatal massage can help. In this treatment, your massage therapist will safely alleviate your pain and swelling while helping your body regulate your hormonal levels.


Relieving Anxiety for Mind and Body Harmony

Releasing Hormones and Endorphins

Massages have many anxiety-relieving benefits, many of which are related to your body’s release of hormones and endorphins during the experience. By encouraging your body to increase its levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, your massage therapist can ease your anxiety, allowing you to feel centered and balanced.


Helping You Feel Connected

Anxiety is often linked to feelings of isolation; massages can help with this. Your massage therapist will create and customize a safe environment where you can de-stress and focus on relaxation. This connection can put your mind and body at ease, encouraging a release of endorphins that can help you feel more connected with others.


Decreasing Your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Raised blood pressure and heart rates are both symptoms of anxiety. By helping you relax your body and mind, your massage can help with both of these issues. With your heart rate and blood pressure at better levels, you can relax during your massage and continue feeling peaceful following the experience.


Promoting Better Sleep

If you experience anxiety, you may struggle with sleeping problems, like restlessness or insomnia. The raised cortisol levels and lower heart rate that you experience following a relaxing massage can help you fall asleep easier at night. Your massage can also help you experience longer periods of deep sleep with fewer interruptions.


Boosting Your Immune System

The movements involved in massage can boost your circulation and blood flow, which increases the activity level of your body’s white blood cells. While this massage benefit can help everyone, it is especially useful for those experiencing anxiety, as extended periods of overly-high cortisol levels can damage your immune system.


Enjoying an In-Cabin Couples Massage OKC Experience

During a peaceful in-cabin massage from A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, your body and mind can focus on relaxation and rejuvenation. Get in touch to learn more.