What to Know for Your First Broken Bow Spa Experience

If you are planning your first trip to a Broken Bow spa or scheduling your first couples massage Tulsa, you may not know what to expect. While different massage therapists and spas provide unique experiences, some things apply everywhere. Knowing what to expect for massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma will help you fully relax to create the perfect experience.


Before Your Broken Bow Spa Experience

Try Not to Schedule Last-Minute

To enjoy a relaxing massage during your vacation, it is best to schedule ahead of time. If you try to book at the last minute, there is no guarantee of an available appointment. Try to schedule your massage before you leave for vacation.

This does not mean that last-minute spa days are not a possibility. We are always happy to help you create your perfect cabin vacation, so please do not hesitate to get in touch to see if one of our experienced massage therapists is available.


Hydrate Before and After

Massages improve your body’s circulation, which encourages the removal of waste from your muscles. Your body requires a lot of water to do this, so your muscles may become dehydrated after your massage. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after your spa experience.


Shower Before You Go

Starting your massage with a clean body may help you get rid of any nerves that you have about getting your first massage. Additionally, a warm shower will calm your mind and muscles, which can help your massage have the best effect.


During Your Massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma

Dress to Your Comfort

While most people undress for massages, it is not required. You should undress to your comfort level. Keep in mind that your massage therapist can be more precise and provide adequate pressure when there is only a sheet between their hands and your skin (instead of thick layers of clothing). Your massage therapist is here to promote healing and relaxation, not to judge you.


Talk to Your Massage Therapist

An experienced and professional massage therapist knows what they are doing. However, they do not know what you are experiencing, so communication is essential. Before your massage begins, you will fill out an intake form. Make sure to share if you have any problem areas or sensitivities to touch and pressure.

You are always welcome to talk with your massage therapist. While your massage will involve pressure, it should never involve pain. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, so let your massage therapist know if a pressure level or movement ever becomes too much.


Breathe Deeply to Enhance the Experience

During your spa experience, your massage therapist will manipulate your body to promote healing and relaxation. Your role is to sit back and relax. By breathing deeply and calmly, you allow your body to be properly oxygenated. This allows your massage to have its full effect.


Bringing the Couples Massage Tulsa Experience to Your Cabin

When scheduling your massage treatment with A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, you do not have to choose between traveling to Tulsa or relaxing in Broken Bow. We will bring a fully customized spa experience to your vacation. Get in touch to learn more.