What is the Use of Therapeutic Massage in Broken Bow?

While massages used to only be seen as a luxury treatment, more people now recognize the many health benefits of mind and body harmony massages. Therapeutic massages can be especially beneficial if you are experiencing any painful problem areas.

Therapeutic massages involve the careful manipulation and pressing of your body’s soft tissues. Doing this enhances your circulation to promote a healthy blood flow, which allows your massage therapist to relieve your pain and tension while promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


Why Get a Therapeutic Cabin Massage Broken Bow Oklahoma?

When choosing which massage type to schedule, therapeutic massages are always an excellent choice because they are highly customizable. Your Servant’s Hands Massage therapist will take the time to understand your preferences and problem areas, which allows us to create the best spa in Oklahoma experience for you.


Customizing Your Massage

One unique feature of therapeutic massages is that they involve varying degrees of pressure, so your therapist can tailor it perfectly to you. These massages are not supposed to be painful, so tell your therapist which type of touch you prefer, for example, hard pressure, firm pressure, or light touch.


Therapeutic Body Harmony Massage Benefits


Decreasing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Therapeutic massages can help reduce both physical and psychological stress. They do this by simultaneously increasing your body’s production of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine while reducing cortisol levels (the “stress hormone”), blood pressure, and heart rate.

The stress-relieving benefits of therapeutic massage extend into anxiety relief. Regularly getting these massages can lead to a long-term positive effect in those who experience deep anxiety. The release of positive hormones can also help you fight off symptoms of depression.


Relieving the Effects of Modern Lifestyles

Therapeutic massages can help relieve some of the negative effects that modern lifestyles have on our bodies, including increased levels of joint stiffness, muscle tension, and back injuries. In particular, therapeutic massages can alleviate the levels of lower back pain that we experience due to the amount of time we spend sitting.

These massages can also improve your sleep quality, which is helpful as getting adequate sleep is essential to maintain good health. Therapeutic massages help your body release serotonin and reduce your cortisol levels, which helps you achieve a state of restfulness and promotes extended periods of deep relaxation.


Helping with Health Conditions

While the many benefits of therapeutic massages bring relief and relaxation to everyone, these treatments are especially beneficial to those experiencing health conditions that affect their daily lives. For those who experience chronic pain and rheumatism, therapeutic massages can relieve muscle and joint pain while improving the affected areas’ range of motion and overall function.

Because your massage therapist can work with a variety of pressures, those who experience chronic fatigue syndrome or pain conditions like fibromyalgia can benefit significantly from therapeutic massages. A light pressure therapeutic massage will relieve pain without unintentionally causing more.


Experience the Best Spa in Oklahoma

At a Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, our team of massage therapists brings our relaxing experience to you, so you can have an ideal spa day while enjoying the natural beauty around you. A cabin massage Broken Bow Oklahoma is the perfect addition to any vacation. Get in touch to schedule your therapeutic massage.