What Is the Recommended Length of Time for a Massage at a Broken Bow Spa?

When you visit a Broken Bow spa, there are many different lengths of massages you can enjoy. In the same way that your ideal type of massage varies based on your needs and preferences, there is not a single duration that is the perfect length for everyone. When you consider what you want from the massage, you can make the ideal choice for your needs.


The Best Massage Broken Bow Lengths

30-Minute Massage

If you need a short massage that is focused on a specific part of your body, this half-hour treatment is perfect. This massage Broken Bow is also a quality choice if you are ready to be pampered, but the rest of your schedule for the day is already booked up.


60-Minute Massage

During an hour-long massage, your massage therapist has time to really focus on your problem areas. Those additional 30 minutes give them the time to relieve tension or pain across your body. If you have not had a full-body massage before, this will probably be your ideal duration.


90-Minute Massage

If you really feel like you need a full body massage, this duration could be your best choice. During this hour-and-a-half-long spa treatment, your massage therapist can work through your muscle groups to promote mental and physical relaxation. The extended duration can give you all the time you need to unwind and feel restored.


120-Minute Massage

For a truly luxurious spa experience, try a two-hour massage. Much like a 60- or 90-minute treatment, your massage therapist will have plenty of time to ease bodily tension by focusing on your individual muscle groups. The extra time involved will give you the opportunity to relax away your mental stress and anxiety.


Why Do We Recommend Longer Massages?

Whether you visit our Smithville spa or schedule a cabin massage Broken Bow Oklahoma, A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy is here to help you unwind mentally and physically. The longer your massage, the more time you have to relax while your massage therapist relieves pain, tension, and soreness. Because of that, our massages are generally 60, 90, or 120 minutes long.

Of course, this does not mean shorter massages are not worth it. Sometimes, you just need a little pampering, which is why the 30-minute massage at our spa could be perfect for you! Additionally, we know that longer massages are not for everyone. For example, our prenatal massage and prenatal package last only one hour each.


FAQs About 1+ Hour Massages at a Broken Bow Spa

What If I Get Uncomfortable Lying There for Too Long?

Massage tables are designed to be comfortable. Additionally, experienced massage therapists know how to properly position clients throughout the treatment. This means that you are very unlikely to become uncomfortable mid-massage. Of course, everyone is different; if you do experience discomfort, let your massage therapist know, and they will fix the issue.


What If I Have to Use the Restroom During the Massage?

During this spa treatment, your massage therapist wants to help you relax. Of course, it is hard to unwind if you need to use the restroom. If this happens, do not hesitate to ask for a break. Your massage therapist will provide a covering to use so you can leave the room. After you return, your massage Broken Bow can pick up where it left off.


What Will Happen If I Fall Asleep During My Massage?

Massages take place in peaceful environments, which can make you drowsy. The longer your massage, the more likely this could be. Do not feel bad if you fall asleep during your Broken Bow spa day – it just means that your massage is helping you relax. Also, do not be embarrassed if you snore; your massage therapist is here to help you, not judge you.


Relax with a Cabin Massage Broken Bow Oklahoma

If you are in the Broken Bow area, you can unwind with a visit from A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy. We provide our relaxing massages at our spa in Smithville. We can also travel to you for a mobile massage. Contact us to schedule!