Things to Communicate to Your Massage Broken Bow Therapist

While your massage therapist will always know what they are doing during a harmony massage Broken Bow, they can not know what you are feeling unless you tell them. Everyone is unique, so the motions and pressures involved in massage therapy affect individuals differently. As such, to ensure that your spa experience has the results that you need, it is essential to communicate with your massage therapist.


Before Your Spa Experience Begins

Open communication before your spa experience begins will help your massage therapist prevent any potential issues before they start, so make sure to:


Discuss Any Injuries or Health Problems

A visit to the best spa in Oklahoma can help you find relief if you are dealing with tension due to an injury, tendinitis, chronic migraines, or painful scar tissue. If any of these (or other similar situations) are the case, tell your massage therapist. Once they know what to focus on and avoid, your massage therapist can carefully tailor your massage to you.

In addition to discussing health problems and the lingering effects of injuries, tell your massage therapist if you are taking medications to help with conditions like high blood pressure or heart disease. This will allow them to alter your harmony massage Broken Bow to better fit your needs.


Talk About Any Problem Areas You Have

Of course, not all issues are related to past injuries or health conditions. If your sore limbs or pained muscles are due to exercise, postural imbalances, or your lifestyle, your massage therapist can still help. Tell your massage therapist about any problem areas you experience; this will allow them to avoid any techniques or pressure levels that (while normally fine) could do you more harm than good.


Let Them Know If You Are Pregnant

If you are dealing with muscle pain, soreness, and mental stress during pregnancy, you may be interested in getting a massage to help. Because of the positions, pressures, and motions involved in massage therapy, not every spa experience will be right for you. To ensure the safety of you and your baby, it is essential to tell your massage therapist if you are pregnant.

Prenatal massage therapy is a separate service for a reason; each technique, pressure level, and body position is carefully chosen to ease stressors while staying entirely safe for the mother and baby. To ensure that this service is right for you, tell your massage therapist how far along in your pregnancy you are.


During Your Harmony Massage Broken Bow

Honest communication with your massage therapist should continue after your massage begins. To ensure that you experience the best spa in Oklahoma for your body’s needs, it is important to still communicate during your:



While any massage involves some pressure, it should never lead to pain. If limb manipulation techniques are overstretching you, a particular movement is causing some discomfort, or a pressure level is becoming too intense, tell your massage therapist. This will allow them to readjust the massage to your comfort level.



This level of communication is also encouraged during add-on treatments. For example, if your hot stones are too warm or the scent of your chosen aromatherapy is too strong, let your massage therapist know. We are here to create your ideal massage Broken Bow experience, so communication is necessary.


Experience the Best Spa in Oklahoma for You

Open and honest communication with your massage therapist before and during your massage can ensure that the experience provides the results you need. At A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, we are happy to discuss your questions before, during, and after your massage. Please get in touch to learn more about our services in the Broken Bow area.