Is a Broken Bow Massage Painful?

If you have never had a Broken Bow massage before, it may be because you are unsure whether the experience will be uncomfortable. More specifically, you may wonder if massage therapy is painful. The answer can be more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no.”


What to Know About Massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma

Is a Broken Bow Massage Painful?

When it comes to massage therapy, it is important to consider the difference between “pain” and “discomfort.”

Discomfort is the “good hurt” that people often associate with massages. Your massage therapist will manipulate your limbs and muscles to relieve tension and promote relaxation. The movements and motions will stimulate often unused areas, which can cause temporary discomfort, but it should quickly lead to the pain-relieving benefits of massage therapy.

The pressure levels or movements could move past discomfort and into actual pain. In most situations, your massage should never be painful. In addition to making you uncomfortable during and after the experience, pain causes your muscles to tighten up – meaning that the entire experience is counterintuitive to the point of getting a massage.

Everyone has unique problem areas and a different tolerance level for when discomfort transitions into pain. A massage that feels light for one person may feel too intense for another. That is why discussing your problem areas and pressure preferences with your massage therapist before your massage starts is important. This will allow them to use their hands in harmony in Oklahoma to best suit your needs.


What Do I Do if My Massage Is Causing Pain?

While you will discuss preferences before the massage, you may be unsure of your tolerance level until it is actually in progress – especially if you have never had a massage before. Tell your massage therapist if any limb manipulation techniques or pressure levels become too intense. These professionals know what they are doing, but they can not experience what you are feeling. A good massage therapist will be ready to adjust the treatment.


Will a Massage Make Me Sore?

Although your massage should not cause pain, you may still experience some soreness afterward. Your massage therapist will move and manipulate various parts of your body. Because some of these areas do not experience much movement in everyday life, they could feel sore after they are stimulated. Any soreness should stop after about a day.

This is similar to the response that your body has after a workout when your muscles are not used to exercise. Similarly, the more often you get massages in Broken Bow Oklahoma, the more your muscles become used to the stimulation, so you will not become as sore. You can help speed up the soreness-recovery process by staying hydrated, applying heat, and letting yourself rest.


Relax with Our Hands in Harmony in Oklahoma

If you are interested in getting a massage in the Broken Bow area, contact A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy! We are ready to help you relax and unwind with a visit to our spa in Smithville or through one of our in-cabin spa experiences. Our team of massage therapists knows how to effectively relieve tension and stress without causing extra pain.