How to Plan Your Perfect Broken Bow Spa Day

A trip to a Broken Bow spa is the perfect way to pamper yourself. Here are a few tips to help you plan your ideal spa day!


Create Your Perfect Day Spa Oklahoma City Experience By:

Visiting the Right Spa

To ensure you have the relaxing spa day you deserve, it is important to visit a spa that will create the right experience for you. To choose your ideal location:

  • Check the menu. It would not be fun to travel to a spa for a specific type of massage, just to find out that the massage therapists do not offer the style. Spas offer different services, so make sure the location offers what you want before booking a visit.
  • Look into their licensing and registration. If a spa offers massages, the massage therapists should be certified. If it offers pedicures, the nail technicians should also be certified. The spa itself must pass all background checks and health inspections.
  • Read through reviews. The best day spas have peaceful atmospheres, friendly and professional staff members, and completely clean equipment. To see if this applies to a spa, look at the honest opinions shared in online reviews.


Booking Ahead of Time

You do not want to travel to a spa only to discover that you will have to wait a while before enjoying a massage, facial, manicure, or other treatment. Likewise, you do not want to arrive fully prepared to relax, only to find out that the day spa offers services on a reservation-only basis. In either scenario, you can ensure that you are able to have your perfect spa day by scheduling your visit ahead of time.


Eating a Meal Before You Go

It is hard to relax during a spa day if you feel bloated or gassy; to avoid this sensation, you may decide to wait and eat after your treatments are done. However, it is just as uncomfortable if you are hungry the whole time. To prevent these issues, enjoy a light, healthy meal and drink plenty of water beforehand. If you have a long spa day planned, consider bringing snacks or contacting the spa to see if they have food available.


Arriving at the Spa Early

Give yourself time to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at the spa by arriving with time to spare before your scheduled service. In addition to helping you avoid issues related to traffic or finding a parking space, an early arrival will give you time to:

  • Finish filling out your paperwork. Not every service will require an intake form, but you will likely have to complete one if you get a massage. Note any ingested or topical prescriptions you take and list any medical conditions that affect your body. This will allow your massage therapist to tailor your massage to your needs.
  • Decompress and prepare for your massage. You can start relaxing and unwinding as soon as you arrive at the Broken Bow spa, so an early arrival can help prepare your body and mind for your massage. Many spas have relaxation rooms, spaces for you to store your belongings, and changing areas so you can fully prepare for your treatment.


Extending the Benefits

After pampering your skin with the relaxing products used during your massage, facials, and other skin treatments, make sure that you give your body ample time to absorb the benefits. Once you leave the day spa Oklahoma City, consider waiting a few hours before showering, swimming, or doing other activities that will make you sweaty. Additionally, you may want to wait before putting on makeup.


Ways to Relax at Our Broken Bow Spa

The team A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy is ready to help you enjoy body harmony in Oklahoma, whether you visit our spa in Smithville or schedule our in-cabin services. At our Smithville spa, you can:

  • Enjoy a Swedish, therapeutic, or hot stone massage.
  • Relax with a loved one during a couples massage.
  • Unwind with a luxurious pedicure package.
  • Reinvigorate your skin with waxing or sugaring.

If we bring the spa experience to you during an in-cabin spa day, you can:

  • Try our Swedish, therapeutic, hot stone, or prenatal massages.
  • Pamper yourself with a luxurious in-cabin massage package.
  • Relax together during a couples massage experience.
  • Customize your spa day with our many rejuvenating add-ons.


Enjoy Body Harmony in Oklahoma

A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy is happy to help you create your perfect spa day. Please contact us to learn more about our services or schedule your Broken Bow spa experience.