How Does Broken Bow Massage Reduce Anxiety and Depression?

If you are interested in scheduling a Broken Bow massage because it can help reduce anxiety or depression, you may wonder how these treatments do so. Keep in mind that a massage will not cure your anxiety or depression; however, it will give you the opportunity to ease your mind and bring you relief from the symptoms that it can cause, such as muscle tension, sluggishness, and joint pain.


Promoting Mind and Body Harmony

Whether you visit a wellness day spa or enjoy a customized in-cabin massage, you will experience relief from physical and mental stressors. In particular, massages can help those experiencing anxiety and depression because they:


Release Helpful Positive Hormones

Massages encourage your body to release positive hormones, which can balance your mind. The movements and motions involved in the treatment boost your levels of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin, which can ease feelings of anxiety and depression.


Decrease Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Anxiety and depression can have physical effects on your body. In addition to causing muscle tension and the pain that often results from it, your heart rate and blood pressure may rise. Your massage gives you the opportunity to relax fully, allowing these to decrease to a more healthy level.


Boost Your Immune System

The stress hormone cortisol is often elevated in people with anxiety and depression, which can damage your immune system. In addition to balancing out cortisol with your positive hormone levels, massages can boost your immune system by encouraging healthier circulation and blood flow, which increases activity in your white blood cells.


Help You Feel Connected

If you have anxiety or depression, it may result in or be linked to feelings of isolation. Your massage therapist will provide a relaxing experience in a comforting environment, so they can build a connection that will put you at ease and encourage mind and body harmony. The resulting release of endorphins may help you feel more connected with others.


What Type of Broken Bow Massage Should You Schedule?

Therapeutic Massages

During this treatment, your massage therapist will focus on the soft tissues that support and move your body. They will ease your body and mind by relieving pain and tension in any problem areas that you experience.


Swedish Massages

For this relaxing treatment, your massage therapist will use a variety of motions to restore your muscles and improve circulation. The careful movements help to promote overall harmony between your body and mind.


Prenatal Massages

These treatments are carefully and strategically designed to ease the physical and mental stressors that pregnant women experience. Your massage therapist will safely alleviate your pain while regulating hormone levels.


Your Custom Wellness Day Spa

Any massage will be the most effective when you can physically and mentally relax before, during, and after the treatment. At A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, we will help your mind and body relax by bringing the spa experience to your cabin. Your massage therapist will create a fully customized day spa, so you can relax entirely. Get in touch to learn more about our services.