Can Wellness Spa Massage Therapy Help Tendinitis and Tendinosis?

When relaxing during a wellness spa massage, the movements and motions that your massage therapist uses can benefit your physical and mental health in many ways, including relief from stress and anxiety, relaxed muscles, and improved circulation throughout your body. If you have tendinitis or tendinosis, you may wonder if massage therapy can help.


Understanding Tendinitis and Tendinosis

Your tendons have a crucial role in moving and supporting your body. If you are looking for a wellness day spa to help with your tendinitis or tendinosis, you understand that any issues with your tendons can make daily tasks difficult.


What Is Tendinitis?

Tendinitis is the inflammation or irritation in your tendons that is caused by micro-tears from overuse, repetitive strain, or injury. It may also be due to poor posture, diabetes, or arthritis. The resulting tenderness, swelling, and aching pain can make it difficult to move the affected shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, or heel.


What Is Tendinosis?

Tendinosis is sometimes confused with tendinitis because both involve inflamed tendons. However, tendinosis occurs when the collagen protein that forms your tendons begins to degenerate due to chronic overuse without adequate time to rest and heal. Tendinosis can cause joint pain, stiffness, and reduced strength.


How Wellness Spa Massage Therapy Can Help

There are various approaches to treating and reducing the effects of tendinitis and tendinosis. If you visit an experienced massage therapist at the right harmony day spa, massage therapy can help reduce the pain and stiffness that these conditions cause.

During your visit to a wellness day spa, your massage therapist will focus on relaxing your muscles, which will reduce pain and ease swelling. They will also carefully manipulate your joints and limbs, encouraging a healthy blood flow throughout your body that can help increase your flexibility and range of motion.

  • For those with tendinitis, the motions involved in the massage will disturb the scar tissue around your joints and stimulate new tissues as they grow, which will help the joint align properly.
  • For those with tendinosis, the movements your massage therapist uses may help stimulate your body’s production of fibroblast and collagen cells, which promotes healing around your joints.

The massage will further help you heal from tendinitis and tendinosis by encouraging a release of pain-killing endorphins throughout your body, which will increase your serotonin and dopamine levels. This will calm your nerves and help handle your pain, all of which promote healing.


Scheduling Your Massage at Our Harmony Day Spa

At A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, our massage therapists are experienced and skilled in therapeutic, Swedish, and prenatal massages. We also provide couples massages and a variety of add-ons, including hot stone treatments, so there is sure to be an ideal spa experience that will promote relaxation and rejuvenation for your body and mind.

To create the best massage experience possible, we will travel to your Broken Bow or Hochatown cabin with everything needed to customize a relaxing spa. To learn more about our services or to schedule a massage, please get in touch.