Can Massage Broken Bow Get Rid of Depression?

If you are looking for ways to find relief from feelings of depression, getting a massage Broken Bow from an experienced massage therapist may be able to help. While this treatment will not get rid of depression entirely, some studies have found that massages can effectively alleviate the symptoms of depression.


How a Massage Broken Bow Can Help With the Symptoms of Depression

During your trip to a day spa in Oklahoma City, you have the perfect opportunity to focus on total relaxation. As your massage therapist uses careful movements, motions, and pressures to ease muscle pain and tension, they also encourage your mind to find mental peace and rejuvenation. Massage therapy can help to reduce your symptoms of depression by:


Helping You Feel More Connected to Others

While many benefits of massage therapy relate to the inner workings of your body, it can also help with the sense of isolation that is often linked to feelings of depression. Your visit to a wellness day spa allows for a relaxing experience in a comforting environment where your massage therapist can connect with you while putting your mind at ease.


Encouraging the Release of Positive Hormones

Massage therapy is known for its ability to create mind and body harmony. The various techniques that your massage therapist uses will encourage your body to release healing positive hormones that will help balance your mind. In particular, the massage will boost your levels of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, all of which can ease feelings of depression.


Decreasing Your Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Depression affects more than your mind – it can also have a physical impact. This often involves muscle tension and soreness due to stress, which your massage will help with. It can also lead to a rise in your heart rate and blood pressure. Because you can relax fully at a day spa in Oklahoma City, your massage will encourage these to decrease to a healthier level.


Boosting Activity in Your White Blood Cells

Many people who have depression have an increased level of the stress hormone cortisol. Over time, having too much cortisol in your bloodstream can weaken your immune system. Your massage therapist will encourage healthier circulation and blood flow through tissue manipulation and joint movements. This increases your white blood cell activity and can result in a boost for your immune system.


Relax at Your Personal Wellness Day Spa

While any professionally-done massage will have many benefits for your body and mind, it will have the best effect when you can fully relax before, during, and after the treatment. At A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, we help create that ideal experience by bringing the spa to you.

After you schedule our therapeutic, Swedish, prenatal, or couples massage, our experienced massage therapist will come to your cabin with everything needed to customize the perfect spa day. For further relaxation, we offer a range of quality packages and add-ons. Get in touch to schedule a massage during your next visit to Broken Bow or Hochatown.