Broken Bow Spa Services: Do Charcoal Masks Work?

Visiting a spa can be a transformative experience, with a variety of treatments designed to rejuvenate your mind and body. Among the plethora of services offered at a Broken Bow spa, charcoal masks stand out as a popular option.

Charcoal masks, or masques, are used in skincare for their potential ability to draw out impurities from the skin. But what exactly are they made of, and what makes these masks so beneficial? Let’s dive into the specifics of charcoal masks and explore the potential benefits they offer.


Broken Bow Spa: What Is a Charcoal Mask Made Of?

Charcoal masks are commonly offered at a day spa Oklahoma City. They are often formulated from activated charcoal, which may help draw out toxins, dirt, and impurities in the skin. This powerful ingredient can act like a magnet, attracting and absorbing the particles that can clog pores and cause common skin problems like acne and dullness.


Benefits of Charcoal Masks at a Day Spa Oklahoma City

Deep Cleansing

Activated charcoal goes into the pores, potentially trapping toxins and impurities in the skin. This deep cleansing may help unclog your pores and can leave your skin looking clearer and healthier.


Oil Control

Charcoal masks containing clay may help absorb excessive oil in those with oily skin.


Acne Reduction

By removing blackheads and impurities from the pores, charcoal masks may help prevent acne outbreaks, making them a potentially beneficial treatment for those with oily and acne-prone skin.


Skin Detoxification

Regular exposure to pollution and dirt can affect your skin’s health. Charcoal masks can act as a detoxifying agent and may help remove external pollutants and minimize their impact on the skin.


Pore Minimization

The cleansing effect of charcoal masks may also reduce the appearance of pores, potentially giving the skin a smoother and more refined look.


Soothing Skin Irritations

Charcoal may calm skin irritations. Of course, it is always recommended to talk with your dermatologist before using a charcoal mask on skin conditions and irritations.


Adding a Charcoal Mask to Your Massage

At A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy, we include a charcoal masque as a part of our back treatment that can be added to your in-cabin massage. In addition to a scrub, our massage therapist will spread the charcoal masque across your back, adding 20 minutes to your cabin massage.


Other Massage Add-Ons

In addition to our back treatment, we offer face treatments as an add-on to your massage. Our face treatment consists of various steps that leave you feeling refreshed. Our staff will cleanse your skin, followed by exfoliation, a masque, and moisturizer. They will then complete the treatment with hot towels. The face treatment will add 30 minutes to your massage.

You can also add a foot treatment to your massage, extending it by 20 minutes. Your feet will be exfoliated with a sugar scrub, leaving them feeling soft and smooth. Your massage therapist will complete the treatment by wrapping your feet in hot towels.


Experience Body Harmony in Oklahoma with A Servant’s Hands Massage Therapy

Whether you would like to address specific concerns or are simply looking to enjoy the relaxing ambiance of our spa, our team can help you reach mind and body harmony in Oklahoma. Our in-cabin massages allow us to bring relaxation directly to you. Our massage therapists are skilled in various types of massage, including hot stone and therapeutic massages, to help you unwind.


Visit Our Broken Bow Spa

If you prefer to de-stress in another environment, we invite you to visit our day spa in Smithville. Whether you want to relax with a massage or get pampered with one of our refreshing facials, our team is here to ensure your visit is nothing short of serene. Our spa environment is designed to give guests a luxurious, comfortable, and peaceful experience.

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