Broken Bow Massage Therapy Can Help Relieve Diabetes Stress and Anxiety

Relaxing with a Broken Bow massage is ideal for relieving mental and physical stressors. While these services are beneficial to anyone, there are some situations in which they are especially helpful. For example, if you have diabetes and are struggling with stress and anxiety, massage therapy may benefit your well-being.


Why Is It Important to Ease Diabetes Stress and Anxiety?

When you are stressed, you will naturally go through a fight-or-flight response. While your body is dealing with this, you will produce more stress-related hormones – notably, cortisol. These hormones make it difficult for insulin (both natural and injected) to work properly.

Insulin affects how blood sugar enters your cells so it can be used for energy. It also helps your liver store blood sugar for later use. People with diabetes have inconsistent blood sugar levels, which are managed with insulin injections. As such, they can avoid the severe health conditions that may come with these blood sugar fluctuations.

Because heightened stress hormone levels impact the ability of insulin to function, keeping your stress in check is essential to keeping your blood sugar in check. As such, while managing your stress and anxiety is always important for your mind and body harmony, it is especially so if you also have diabetes.


Achieving Mind and Body Harmony with Broken Bow Massage Therapy

Relieving Stress and Anxiety

During a spa visit, your massage therapist will focus on helping you experience relaxation and rejuvenation. The movements and motions used in your massage can ease your stress and anxiety levels by:

  • Helping your heart rate and blood pressure decrease to a healthier level.
  • Encouraging a release of positive hormones to balance out stress hormones.
  • Giving you the opportunity to relax and feel more connected with others.

These benefits will help you relieve stress and anxiety, thus helping your body manage your blood sugar levels better. When these effects are combined with reduced muscle pain and tension, the massage will help boost your overall sense of mental and physical well-being.


Enhancing Blood Circulation

If your blood sugar levels are higher than average for an extended period, it can lead to clogs in your veins and arteries. As a result, many people with diabetes have poor circulation. When this is not managed correctly, minor injuries can develop into serious complications. It can also lead to nerve damage. This is another area where massage therapy can help.

Your massage therapist will use a carefully chosen combination of movements, motions, and pressure levels. By physically manipulating your muscles and soft tissues, the massage will encourage a healthy flow of oxygen-rich blood to circulate throughout your body. This will also help your lymph fluids flow more effectively, allowing white blood cells to reach all parts of your body.


Looking for Relaxing Things to Do in Hochatown?

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